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The R&D of foodLinker begins at the Technology Park of La Salle University (Ramón Llull) in Barcelona.

A collaboration agreement is reached with Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona to provide scientific advice and to contribute with the R&D of foodLinker.
First endorsement of an allergic consumer association (Immunitas Vera in Catalonia).

The business model is developed both at IE Business School and also at the Technology and Entrepreneurship Center at Harvard University (USA).

The first pilot test is performed by Mercadona supermarket chain in the framework of Foro Interalimentario. The IT platform is validated by a group of inter-suppliers with 0 errors and an overall 97% satisfaction rate among consumers.

foodLinker gets financial support from ENISA. The IT platform is improved by incorporating feedback from the food industry.
foodLinker gets the endorsement of Histasan (the allergic association of Madrid).

foodLinker gets the financial endorsement of CDTI at the Ministry of Industry. foodLinker exhibits at the GFSC in Barcelona. foodLinker also sponsors the 3rd Asia-Pacific International Conference on Food Safety in Taiwan.
Codex Alimentarius of the United Nations features foodLinker as the next trend on global food safety.

foodLinker establishes alliances with prominent certification bodies to develop the foodLinker Allergen Management (fAMS). Such standard complements the IT platform to offer a holistic value proposition on allergen management for the industry.
foodLinker exhibits at the GFSC in Anaheim (California, USA).
A second pilot test is successfully performed by food safety professionals to validate fAMS.

From 2015 onward
The commercialization of foodLinker’s holistic value proposition on allergen management begins.
(fAMS + IT platform + App / Web Widget for consumers).